Halogen Garden Parasol Umbrella Electric Infrared Space Heater


OUTDOOR HEATING - The Furvell halogen parasol patio heater provides up to 2000W of pleasant warmth which allows you to stay outdoors for dinner parties, BBQs or family activities for longer even when the evenings turn chilly.

PARASOL POLE FITMENT - Designed to fit parasol poles from 35 -60mm diameter, this super-efficient and powerful heater is designed to heat you rather than the surrounding air, unlike gas or normal electric heating elements.

3 HEATING ARMS - There are three 650watt heating arms that can be operated individually or together depending on your requirements, producing up to a combined 1950watts of heat covering an area of up to approximately 4.5 metres.

FOLABLE ARMS - The arms of this innovative model are hinged and can be vertically folded, and provided you use an extra protective cover over your parasol, the heater does not need to be removed when not in use

SAFETY FEATURES - Heaters will not operate unless fully locked in their horizontal positions


Accessory Type
Patio Heater
Outdoor Area


Manufacturers Warranty
12 months